3 Step Lead Generation Review – Should You Go For It?


Normally I do not review courses that often but I wanted to make an exception for this 3 step lead generation review course because in my opinion it’s so good that I personally believe that it can replace your current job within a month or two months if you go through all these modules, it’s very good it’s a training created by Brian Anderson and his partner Jack Hoffman.

These two elite marketers have released their battle-tested and industry-proven (and until now iron-clad SECRET) client-getting 3-step system that local business owners simply can’t resist.

Multi-module local marketing lead generation training course within a membership site. Using the proven method Brian and Jack have sold over and over again. This Strategy generates Mobile Call Only Leads effortlessly using Google Ads.



3 Step Lead Generation Review
3 Step Lead Generation Review


This got me really exciting because it’s going to show you the ideal service that you can deliver to businesses which is going to give them guaranteed results and what is this product it’s called it called mobile advertising, or I think it’s mobile ads.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to deliver mobile calls or calls to businesses and they’re going to pay you for each call and it’s called google mobile call and you’re going to set up calls for your clients.

With this business model you get instant results because you simply set up a specific kind of ads that are going to give the client immediately results and that’s the cool thing about this product you’re going to deliver results.

When you go through the basics of the training, he’s going to explain you his experience and why you should give this service to your clients and then the second module is the basics of google ads, so Brian is going to explain you the basic of google ads and you’re not going to set up the the traditional google ads he’s going to show you the basics so you understand how it all works you really need this in order to get it working and the cool thing is that you’re going to get the google doc presentation so if you don’t like to watch the videos you can also go through the presentations.

In the second part of this module is going to show you how to set up google mobile call only a manager account so that you can manage all of your clients inside of one account and he’s going show this step by step and then also how to set up these mobile call only campaigns and again you can also preview this in the google presentations.

You will learn the right lead generation strategies for local business to flourish in turn you can charge hefty amount per lead, does it sound profitable?

3 Step Lead Generation Review Members Area
3 Step Lead Generation Review Members Area


This sales process is EVERGREEN, so it’s always going to work… and it gives you the biggest, fastest jump possible into six-figure income territory.

  • No experience required
  • No hard-selling
  • No Cold-Calling
  • ​No face-to-face meetings
  • 100% newbie-friendly

How do you get clients, how do you reach out to clients.  You’re not going to do that the traditional way but Brian is going to show you which model works for him right now that will give you the best results.

He’s got a full plan for this to show you what you need to do this and that just follow these steps. How to follow up with your clients, you’re going to get also what kind of messages you need to send to your clients and how to reach out to your clients and that is what this three-step lead generation is all about

3 Step Lead Generation Review Clients
3 Step Lead Generation Review Clients


  • Front-end offer:  $ 27
  • OTO1-  3 Step Lead – 40X Niches : $37
  • OTO2 – 3 Step Lead – Instant Reply ….$1 activation/$197/m
  • OTO3 – 3 Step Lead – Local Agency App ….. $197
  • OTO4 – 3 Step Lead – Home Services Super Niches ….. $49  
  • OTO5 – 3 Step Lead – Agency Kit ….. $77
  • OTO6 – 3 Step Lead – Video Boss ….. $9 activation/ $27/m
  • OTO7 – 3 Step Lead – Your Agency Store ….. $9 activation/ $27/m


Pickup the bonuses below when you buy 3 step lead generation course through this page:

  1.  How To Get The Clients Who Will Pay Cash For Your Local Marketing Services ($97 Value)
  2.  Exclusive Local Marketing Training Webinar ($97 Value)
  3.  Access to Brian’s Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($97 Value)
  4.  Google Ads Course: This training is by a google ads expert and it is a super detailed ads  campaign!
  5.  Six figure secrets: It shows you how to get into people’s inboxes using Gmail Ads
  6.  Jono’s course on Youtube Ads
  7.  How to get traffic you need to crush it with your campaigns video course
  8.  Access to Goodwill course
  9.  Access to StealthD training


Does any of following apply to you?

  • You find yourself buying “Shiny Objects” and filling your Digital Shelf… you buy product after product and none of them ever seem to work for you.
  • You struggle with anxiety and analysis paralysis when it comes to calling and speaking to clients or meeting prospects in person.
  • You’re tired of wasting time meeting clients in person only to have them say “No” to your service or product?
  • You’re struggling to start or grow your business
  • You’d like to implement an automated proven sales process in your business that has been working for years?

Now, what If I told you you could grow your business and check off every one of those boxes!

And you can do it all with one proven SUPER SIMPLE 3-Step Sales Process that takes all the guesswork out of making deals and closing new customers!

If this sounds interesting, then check out the course through the link below.

I can tell you that this is rock solid training like I said I don’t review info products that often but this

one is simply good this is a rock solid product that you can deliver to your clients you get immediately results and clients.


I can tell you is that the front-end product is enough to get started and to land your own leads and the the rest just go through the sales page go through it and listen to what Brian has to say and if it sounds interesting you can purchase it if it doesn’t sound interesting you simply start with the front end product. Thanks for going through my 3 step lead generation review this far.


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