How to Get Traffic to Your New Website Fast


How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast

It is easy to get traffic if you have a old site that is filled with good content and has many backlinks to it.  But what about a new site, how to get traffic to it is the main question that many new marketer face today.In this video,  Niel Patel explains that you can get traffic in 4 ways to your website fast.

1.  You need to partner with other people and website owners to do content sharing for you.  In order to do this, you should have good content and provide value to the audience of these sites.  Most of the times they will accept your request to share you content if you provide quality.

You may also do joint webinars and podcasts with similar marketers in you niche, so that you will get repeat audience to your website once they start trusting you.

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2. Doing giveaways,  you need to tie up with other people in the same zone and provide free giveaways in the form of videos, eBooks and articles and anything that might interest you.  Again you must provide value though these material and in return you will get traffic to your website.

This is one of the smartest way to build your audience as many top marketers are doing the same thing to bring traffic to their promotions.

3. Using push notifications will increase return rate of visitor to your website,  because people are reluctant to visit the same website again unless you remind them.  This is the technique you should be using according to Neil Patel.

4. Have you heard of Google Adwords,  it is Pay Per Click advertising using Google advertising platform.  As far i know, this is the fastest and easiest way to get traffic to you website.  But you need to know basic about how to create a google ad  and how to optimize it for getting cheaper clicks.

You can signup with some affiliate networks like Clickbank to promote offers related to your website topic.

Earlier it used to be easy to advertise on Google, but that is not scenario at present.  They have made their rules strict, so you need to abide by them to not to get in to trouble with your ads.

how to get traffic to your website fast

For example.  you can’t say in your ads that you will make $1000 per day if you follow this course.  I think you got my point.  Out of the above four ways, i use content marketing and Google Adwords in my business.

I thinks you should concentrate on these two things first to get the balls rolling.


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