How to Make Affiliate Money With Clickbank Step By Step Video


How to Make Affiliate Money With Clickbank

This is another video which i liked most, it teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and yet very useful from promoting offers as an affiliate.

David suggest to use  to find out the good products and get the analysis and performance of  various offers available on Clickbank.

As per his view,  we need to choose a product which is under 25 as per its rank on Cbengine.   He also teaches how do you get sales and conversions.   How to actually promote these offers to make money and more you will find in this video.

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First you need to provide value through your articles and include your affiliate link some where in the article.  It is not correct method to say that a particular product is the best product out of all the product available in the market  as no body is ready to be sold in that manner.

Create 5 to 10 unique articles around the offer or topic you choose from Clickbank and promote them using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  Participate in discussions relevant forums and leave your link in the bio.

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