How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners With Amazon and Clickbank


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how to start affiliate marketing for beginners


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I highly recommend you to go through John Crestani’s awesome webinar by clicking the above image Or you can go through this link here!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for beginners –  What I Learnt from the Video

In this video John explains that there are so many affiliate programs out there.  How do you find best affiliate programs from those is the question.  As per his recommendation,  Amazon and Clickbank are best to join first.

It is easy to sign up for amazon affiliate program.  Once you scroll to the bottom of the amazon website, there is an option called “become an affiliate”.  You can sign through that link easily.

Similarly, you can join Clickbank and browse through the categories there and select a particular product or offer to promote under that category.

In order to promote offers from these networks, you need to get your affiliate links after joining them.

In my view, you need to create a blog using free blogger platform or self hosted WordPress site.  Daily post one article on the offers you selected and get traffic to those articles to make sales.

You can watch the above Video complete to know more about this.



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