My Lead Gen Secret Review – DON’T BUY Without My Custom Bonuses

My Lead Gen Secret Review - DON'T BUY Without My Custom Bonuses

My Lead Gen Secret Review – The Last Lead Generation System That You Will Ever Need to Make Money Online!

Welcome to My Lead Gen Secret Review. This is a step by stem system to get 100-200 leads a day without creating a website, social media following, paid traffic or any other methods you have been told online marketing required.

If you have 15 minutes a day to work on your online business but you don’t know the #1 thing you should do during that time to make real money online, then this is for you.

my lead gen secret review
my lead gen secret review

If you are like most people, you know you deserve a better life style but the usual ways of online marketing methods aren’t working for you, you have come to the right place.


This is What You Will Get Inside  MY LEAD GEN SECRET

  • MY LEAD GEN SECRET is a beginner friendly system that gives 100 leads a day on complete autopilot for only $1 (3000 leads for $30 a month).
  • No expensive advertising like Facebook PPC, Google Adwords or anything like that is required to get started. Just mailing your growing leads on daily basis is the key to get results.
  • You can promote My Lead Gen Secret itself (if one person upgrades you will get 6000 leads per month). You can even promote any offers from Clickbank, Warriorplus or Jvzoo, you have to signup for these networks as an affiliate to get started. No need to worry, they are free to join.
  • This offer is not going to be around for long, once sufficient members join this system they are going to close the doors. So take wise decision as soon as possible 🙂
my lead gen secret review

My Lead Gen Secret Review

Immediately on signing up you will get 100 leads from top countries like US after every 24 hours. It means you getting high quality leads for just penny a lead.

Initially I too was skeptical about joining My Lead Generation System, it proved me wrong as it is bringing genuine Leads on autopilot and comes with a Free Mailing Platform!

So you need not spend anything on Autoresponder services like Aweber, GetRespose to mail regularly to your subscribers. Thus you save $20 a month (approx) here on these services.

However, initially you need to pay $60 for joining ($30 for membership + $30 as a one time setup fee), there after you have to pay only 30 a month and you are getting 3000 leads a month.

As i mentioned above, If you refer just one person to the system, you will get 200 leads per day which amounts to 6000 leads per month. Awesome isn’t it? you will agree once you join the system.

My Lead Gen Secret Review
My Lead Gen Secret Review

The one thing you need to know about these leads

I started emailing from my 2nd day onward when I got 200 leads, immediately I did not see any sales or signups. I was about to suspect that whether the leads are really genuine. But after one week of mailing regularly, i started to see sales (two sales initially) in my Warriorplus account as i promoted an offer to my list in My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS).

The important thing to remember here is that the leads you are getting are cold leads, you need to warm them up first to get response to your emails. But it is just a matter of time before you start to see results.

As i said earlier you don’t need pay for any mailing service to send mails to your leads. However, using the inbuilt mailing system you can send only one email per day.  I think that would be sufficient initially as it is better to not to bother your prospects promoting so many offers.

My Lead Gen Secret Review
My Lead Gen Secret Review

MY Lead Gen Secret VS Solo Ads

I compared MSGS with Solo Ads before joining, as the leads you are getting through Solo ads are also cold leads. The problem with solo ads is that once you buy the ad by spending anywhere from $60 to $100 per solo ad, there is no guarantee that you will make sales or get referrals unless you know how to utilize solo ads properly. 

Once the amount spent on “solo ads” gone means gone that’s all, you cannot utilize the leads again unless you spend again for another Solo Ad , off course you can collect at least some of the solo ad leads using a high converting squeeze page, but it depends on the way you market as to how many leads you can collect with that amount spent.

But this is not the case with my lead gen secret program, the leads are always available in the back office for you to mail on daily basis. More over, you are getting these leads at a very reasonable cost.

What I did initially is,  I’ve been sending these leads to some warrior plus offers over the past few days, just seeing if they will convert or not. I have made two sales in one day that totaled up to be about twenty eight dollars in profit, which I spend thirty dollars a month to get all these six thousand leads and so this was one day I was able to recover that money in just this product here.

I’d done another mailing, and this is just a tag that I use to. This time, I made $ 40 from this one, and then here is where I promoted my own product to these leads, and I used tags to track my results. I have hundred and fourteen of them that clicked on my affiliate link, and nearly half of them went to the sales page and two of them purchased the product.

So by far, I have recovered way more than what I’ve spent just in the first month that I’ve, been using the system. So if you’re interested in knowing more about this and where to get it.

The leads you are getting will add up every single day. They’re going by 200 every single day, and so, when you add that up, that is 6,000 leads a month now here’s, how you get 6000 leads a month from using this system when you first sign up for it.

It’s $ 30 a month and I believe there may be like a $ 30 signup fee for it. But after that, if you just refer one person to using the system, then they double your leads to 200 a day instead of 100 a day. So you’re, going to end up getting 6000 leads every single month.

Using the mailing system here, you can send one email every single day to the leads added to your account.  You can also choose different ways by selecting your leads that they give you every day by lead partner.

So this is basically the partners that all these leads come from and I can just select individual ones to send out emails to, but normally what I do is every day I would just come in here. One time a day choose mail by date and select all and email all my leads at one time to send the mail.

You will have some standard emails already written for you inside members area. After sending those emails one by one, you will have them stored inside members area to use again.  You need to see which of the those email worked well for you so that you can reuse the same to get even more results.

It even has some tokens you can use to make it more personal by entering their first name, their first name last name, their email, signup date and all that information.

You can even insert images from his library, so he has a collection of images and he suggests you only use these images instead of your own and there’s quite a few in here you can use. I usually don’t use any images I just I’ll either use a swipe that’s available from the vendor for that product on warrior plus, or I will write on my own just to make it more unique.

More personable, and so once you do this, all you have to do is you can come down here and click preview and you can preview your email and then you can click send email and it is going to send it and it’s that Easy, and so this is a full editor here, you use it just like you would any other editor you just come in here highlight you can add links and all that fun stuff.

Now up here, you’re gonna see that you can use his master email swipes. Now what this is is he has a collection of his own email, swipes and a lot of people uses these and they get good results from them, and you can see here all these subjects are based on making money online, and so that kind of gives you An idea that all these leads that they get are based upon making money, which is why it works so well by sending them offers to warrior plus JVZOO and websites like that, and so, if you happen to this, I think this is an upsell when I, when I first registered for this over a month ago.

I believe I added this. I can’t remember if it was like another $ 30 or something, but you get all these swipes. There are a total of 30 of them and all you have to do is: if you want to use one, you can click import, email in the mailing system.

So if I click this and then I select all my leads and come down here, you’re gonna see that it imports that subject title and it imports this email right here, and he says that all these swipes do work extremely well and Then over here talks about doubling your leads to two hundred a day and once again, that’s.

As I mentioned earlier, If you refer one person to using this system, they will double your leads from one hundred a day to two hundred a day, giving you up to six thousand leads per month now over. Here. If I go to my leads, you can see here that I’m getting now two hundred leads per day and that started here and this is really good, because not only do you get these leads, but you can browse all these Leads.

Once you download these leads, it gives you the the details of the first name: last name email: all this information is included and you can download every single one of these leads and what’s great about this? Is if you have a third party email system that you use with smtp server like if you use Gmail’s SMTP or some others, you can import all these leads into it and send more personalized emails.

We have a great Facebook group to support and help each other. What we’ve done in our Facebook group we can share all of our leads we are getting. One time a week, they’ll, come in and add all their leads to a spreadsheet, and everybody does that, and so we have. This way your leads will explode even more and utilize them using a separate email system by importing these leads to it.

I’ve got over three hundred dollars in commissions already from it just within my first month of using it. So I’m excited to see what happens as my email list continues to grow, as I continue to email to these products that I’m promoting.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope you found it useful if you happen to join this program through my link below, then send me a message on Facebook group at my lead gen secret success, so that I can accept you. 

I will get you approved just make sure you answer the questions in the Facebook group questionnaire before you join. You will not be approved unless you join the program. Once you do, send me a message on there and let me know that you joined My Lead Gen Secret Program and send me your email address and I will get you added to our Legion sharing emails, so you can be part of that group as well and share each other’s leads to market your products and services to them.

My final thoughts and Update about the program

In My Lead Gen Secret Review, I gave almost positive points right from starting as i initially thought about the system, actually the system is really good in terms of 5 tier commissions.  However, the leads you are getting are cold leads, you need to build good relationship with them first in order to get response and make sales.   So, I recommend My Online Startup free account in addition to above program which is very legitimate online business opportunity,  the training in the members are teaches you all the essential things about doing affiliate marketing the right way.  

However, you need to wait at least two months allowing the leads to accumulate to see any results with the system.

Some people getting sales within the first week itself, but this is not the case with everyone. It is a long term business, but not a get rich quick scheme.

In my view, building list must be the starting point when it comes to making money online which I realized only after buying many products on learning Internet Marketing (I’m sure some of you would have faced similar situation too).

The most important thing in getting success is to come out of the Shiny Object Syndrome. The reason why most people are constantly jumping from one thing to another is because they think they’re not making progress with their current business model.  My Online Startup will ensure to overcome this syndrome.

This is the secret that all the big guys are hiding from you, or may be you are not sure that which way to go. Then your ship has come in and at the right time!








My Lead Gen Secret Results from Members

How to receive my bonuses?

To receive my bonuses ensure that you sign up by clicking one of the green buttons on this page. Once you have signed up, shoot me an email at [email protected] with your email and username you signed up with.

I will then send you the bonuses within 24 hours so you can start with the training immediately.

Update:  As on date, I am still getting continuous leads into my account and sales when I email them on daily basis.  My results were consistent as I crossed more than fifty thousand leads.  I am getting reasonable click through rates and sales in my Clickbank and Warriorplus accounts.  Apart from this I am also getting referral income by recommending this fantastic program to upcoming marketers.

Recommended Training:

My Online Startup Free Training – This is a fantastic free training course on affiliate marketing, so please hurry to get signed up immediately as I am not sure how long they are going to give access for free.


Ravi Kiran is a full-time Internet Marketer, Blogger & Mentor. He is known for his unbiased reviews and honest opinions about various courses on online marketing. He is specialist in generating organic traffic to generate leads & sales.