How to Make Affiliate Money With Clickbank Step By Step Video


How to Make Affiliate Money With Clickbank

This is another video which i liked most, it teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and yet very useful from promoting offers as an affiliate.

David suggest to use  to find out the good products and get the analysis and performance of  various offers available on Clickbank.

As per his view,  we need to choose a product which is under 25 as per its rank on Cbengine.   He also teaches how do you get sales and conversions.   How to actually promote these offers to make money and more you will find in this video.

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First you need to provide value through your articles and include your affiliate link some where in the article.  It is not correct method to say that a particular product is the best product out of all the product available in the market  as no body is ready to be sold in that manner.

Create 5 to 10 unique articles around the offer or topic you choose from Clickbank and promote them using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  Participate in discussions relevant forums and leave your link in the bio.

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners With Amazon and Clickbank


You Need to Watch This…

how to start affiliate marketing for beginners


Hey, I hope that you have enjoyed the video!

I highly recommend you to go through John Crestani’s awesome webinar by clicking the above image Or you can go through this link here!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for beginners –  What I Learnt from the Video

In this video John explains that there are so many affiliate programs out there.  How do you find best affiliate programs from those is the question.  As per his recommendation,  Amazon and Clickbank are best to join first.

It is easy to sign up for amazon affiliate program.  Once you scroll to the bottom of the amazon website, there is an option called “become an affiliate”.  You can sign through that link easily.

Similarly, you can join Clickbank and browse through the categories there and select a particular product or offer to promote under that category.

In order to promote offers from these networks, you need to get your affiliate links after joining them.

In my view, you need to create a blog using free blogger platform or self hosted WordPress site.  Daily post one article on the offers you selected and get traffic to those articles to make sales.

You can watch the above Video complete to know more about this.


How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast

Website visitors are invaluable. No website traffic does not imply leads, which in turn does not mean conversions and therefore no business. Attracting a high number of visitors is therefore very important, because only then the ball – and your online business – starts to roll. Putting a nice and functional website online is of course a first step, although that does not mean that your traffic will flow in automatically and that interested people will find your way to your website. Fortunately, there are a lot of different strategies that you can apply to increase traffic on your website. We will give you some tips to guide new visitors to your website.

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1. Regularly provide new content

Content marketing is an indispensable strategy for every marketer who wants to attract more visitors to his website. If you want people to visit your website, you have to have something interesting on offer. Updating your website regularly with new and valuable content is therefore a must.

You can do that by writing blog posts , reviews, e-books , …. Do not limit yourself to just content that concerns your product or service, but respond to the interests of your target audience and write about a broad spectrum of topics. That way you will get a greater range. Moreover, you also stimulate the interest and curiosity of people, so that visitors return sooner.

The more content you have, the more opportunities you have to process keywords that people search for. That way you will score higher in Google and people will find you faster. So check which search terms people use and process this in your texts. With these tips you already write a blog post that scores high in Google .

But pay attention: never just copy content from other web pages. Google penalizes duplicate content – texts that appear on more than one web page. So always try to write your own texts and provide unique content for each page.

There are times when we write less new articles for Inventis and then we almost immediately see a downward trend in the number of visitors on our website. And the longer no new content appears, the fewer visitors we get.

2. Optimize your existing content

When you offer a lot of content on your website, older content sometimes threatens to fall into oblivion. However, it can be very useful to review and optimize your existing content from time to time.

For example, are all your metadescriptions filled in? Are your internal links still correct? Can you add new relevant links? Do you still use the right keywords?

Find out what can be improved and remove old content that is no longer relevant, so that you continue to offer the best user experience.

Occasionally updating older articles can give your organic traffic a huge boost.

3. Write attractive titles

Just as the subject of an e-mail often determines whether people are going to open it or not, the title of a blog post or article also determines whether people will eventually read it. Figures show that about 80% of your visitors read the title, while only 20% actually read your article. This is because online visitors often have little time and especially scanning.

A strong title that catches the eye and arouses the interest of visitors can also increase that percentage. Pay sufficient attention to writing your title, since it is actually a kind of advertisement that convinces your reader to read on .

4. Advertise Your Business

Of course it is very interesting when visitors end up on your website in an organic way, via search engines, but you can also give your visitors a boost. Online advertising can not be lacking in your marketing strategy.

Online advertising can be done in different ways. For example, you can advertise via AdWords to appear at the top of Google or you can have your ad appear on other websites that are part of the display network. But you can also advertise on social media. In this way you not only attract more visitors, but also put your company in the spotlight.

5. Become active on social media

It is not enough to write quality content, put it online and then wait for visitors to come out on it. On the contrary, you have to be proactive. And you can do that by posting your content on social media . Do not just post a link, but proceed as original and arrange for variation in your posts.

Active participation in the community is also a must. Reply to messages, participate in discussions, … in short: interact with your followers .

In addition, you should consider which channels can be a suitable platform for your company.

Facebook today has by far the largest reach, but is not the best channel for every company. Sell ??your B2B? Then LinkedIn can be very interesting. If you sell something creative, you can focus your arrows on Instagram and Pinterest .

Every company must see which social media mix can be interesting, since that is different for every organization.

6. Enable referral traffic

Referral traffic are website visitors who end up on your website via a link on another website. Inbound Links can increase your traffic enormously and will also make you score better in Google.

One of the ways to get a link on another website is to become a guest blogger for a website that has about the same audience as you. In this way you not only get access to a new audience with similar interests, your traffic will also increase and you will get more name recognition.

For example, we have the article ” How do you get the maximum from your autoresponder? ” Written on Bloovi.

But it also works in reverse: let guest bloggers write interesting content on your website. Those guest bloggers are often inclined to share their article and link to it, which can bring new readers to your site. But please note that you only post qualitative and original content. If your guest blog contains too many spamming links, Google will punish this.

But also classic link building remains worthwhile , and that is as simple as: “Hello, we have written article x, that might be a nice addition to your page x, maybe we can link to each other?”

7. Link internally

But in addition, the strength of your website does not only depend on the number of websites that link to you, your internal link structure can also have a big influence. When you create and publish content, keep your eyes open for opportunities to link internally. This not only improves your SEO, but also gives visitors a more relevant browsing experience. And that will in turn increase your traffic again.

Perhaps you have already noticed it, but we also link to other relevant content several times throughout this article.

8. Post content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best known as a social networking site for professionals who can help you find a job. However, it is also a good platform to share and promote your content.

LinkedIn may not be missing in your content planning. Not only can it increase your number of visitors, it can also boost your profile within your industry – especially if you have many followers on the network.

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Welcome to Online Marketing World

Hey guys,

Ravi Kiran here and Welcome to, I don’t want to waste a lot of your time telling you about who I am and what I do. Here is a very short intro of mine… I am a 36 year old guy from India, a full-time internet marketer.  I am an expert in creating valuable content for enthusiastic online marketers. I also like to do a bit of CPA,  Facebook marketing  in my free time.

There are a lot of common mistakes people make when they’re getting started in internet marketing. I’m obviously not going to try and cover them all in this post, but I want to go over the ones that cost people the most time, and therefore money.

Looking For That One “Best” Technique. This is a common fallacy that people use whether consciously or
subconsciously to never actually get started doing work on anything. They keep thinking that there is something magical that they’re going to find out about that will change things for them.

This question gets asked in some form every few days on the warrior forum. The thread will be something like, “If you had to start over tomorrow, what would you do?” This question means that people assume there is one thing or technique that if they just knew about, they would start to make money.

If you’re not making consistent money online yet, there is a 100% chance that your problem is that you haven’t taken enough action yet. To remedy this, here is exactly what you need to do: You need to block out four hours to come up with a SIMPLE plan. The other part is, you will only do this planning session ONE time, until you’re making $1,000 a month online. You’ll break your plan down into AT MOST, 3-4 parts, and you will not deviate from this simple plan, until you are making $1,000 a month from it.

Here is an example plan:

Everyday, no matter what, I will do 1 hour of forum marketing in my niche, 1 hour of blog commenting in my niche, and I will write one high quality article that I will post on my blog, as well as submit to Ezine Articles. On the weekends or days when I have time to do more than what I listed above, I will work on tweaking affiliate offers, my squeeze page, my conversions, etc, etc.

It’s simple, it’s not sexy, and those are activities that you no doubt already know how to do. The ironic thing is that literally anyone would succeed eventually if they only did those three or four activities every single day without fail, but… people tend to sabotage themselves and avoid doing things that work for some reason. And, yes… this brings me to my final point:

Look… there are really only 3 things you need to know how to do to have a successful online business:

1: Create great content. This includes everything from articles, videos, blogging, to creating your own products.       Products are just premium content.

2: Get traffic to your great content: This is stuff like SEO, article marketing, building lists, and video marketing… anything that brings traffic to your great content.

3: Monetize your traffic. This is stuff like conversion funnels, increasing conversion rates, up sells, increasing click-thru rates, cross sells, etc… stuff that actually makes you money.

Everything else is just a sub-topic of one of these 3 things. But, what are the best-selling IM products?? “The Secret Technique That Will Change Your Life Overnight” People are spending money on quick-fix techniques that DON’T work, instead of investing time and money in developing actual skills. Listen, even if a guru reveals exactly how he is making thousands per day, if you don’t know how to produce persuasive content, you still won’t be able to replicate what he’s doing. Every successful technique or strategy still requires certain skills for it to work right.

So, how do you acquire these skills? First, refer to the previous step, and make a plan of of 3-4 activities that you will start doing everyday. If you work your plan everyday until it’s making $1,000 per month, you will have become fairly proficient at those 3-4 activities. Then, and only then, should you add another activity or skill to what you’re already doing. At that point, each skill becomes easier and faster to learn, and that’ when your internet income will really take off.