Recurro Review

Recurro Review

Find Out in My Recurro Review How This Newbie Friendly Course Will Help You Generate Incredible Passive Monthly Income

In this Recurro Review I am going to explain everything about the course which is based on the principle of work once and get paid every month.  This is a very beautiful concept as it shows you the way to produce recurring income month after month.

Before I endorse anything about the course you need to understand what it teaches and what are the different aspects of the method that promises this kinds of results.

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Recurro Review
Recurro Review

What is Recurro Method?

The Recurring profits method is a bulletproof strategy in video modules that will increase your earnings with little work up to one hour per day. The method will simply give you an edge above all other marketers who need to make sales consistently, whereas you only have to make the sale once and enjoy the profits forever.

Raj has discovered this amazing method, which does not require any special skills. At first like any skeptic marketer out there, I thought this has to be too good to be true.

But after seeing Raj’s proof of income one has to believe that it really works and going to help you get continuous sales,  off course one need to take action and implement the method to actually become successful.

I decided to take action on this method as it a smart concept to get recurring sales for the little work done once, so the effort we put in getting a sale would not go waste, so it is up to you to decide.

You need not take my word for it to make a decision,  there is a real testimonial to this course whom I trust a lot, he is John Thornhill who said that it is very refreshing to see a course that really does over deliver and covers everything to make a truly incredible passive income.

The member site shows everything in great detail which make it perfect for a complete beginner from a novice to become a pro in affiliate marketing.

Recurro Review
Recurro Review

Recurro Review : Does It Work?

My conclusion is Yes, it does work as I have seen the proof and the Salient points about the course are:

  • This system works unlike most other systems which are based on just theory
  • This is a newbie friendly method and step by step details with do this and that type of instructions
  • A system which works for years to come as it brings recurring commissions
  • A system which can truly help you quit your job, once you put effort to make income grow up to the level of your current monthly income by repeating the process.
  • One of the best concepts out there to make continuous monthly commissions

What are the Otos?

Oto 1 of Recurro – It is a Done For You recurring business where you can charge monthly fee and keep hundred percent of the profits,  you will get content each month in their members area – $27 One Time Payment

Oto 2 of Recurro – Here the creator Raj will be sharing his results which are bringing him success through case studies and  what is working at this moment and RAJ’s Newsletter at $9.95 Per Month

Oto 3 of Recurro – Resell Rights To The Recurro System, you can sell it as your own product and keep all the profits which is at  $47

Oto 4 of Recurro – 60 Days One One One Coaching where the customers can ask any questions and get help in implementing the method – $197

Recurro Review
Recurro Review

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Thanks for reading  my Recurro review till the end I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions, let me know through My email at

rkpanchakarla(at) (personal email)

To Your Success,



Blog Defender 2018 Review

Blog Defender 2018 Review

Check out My Blog Defender 2018 Review to Know How This WordPress Security System Works to Protect Your Site from Hackers

Before I go about Blog Defender 2018 Review,  you need to know about WordPress security related issues and why you need this system to safeguard your websites from hackers.

WordPress is the most popular CMS at the moment, and therefore also a popular target for hackers and spammers. This does not mean that WordPress is unsafe. Because so many people use WordPress, it is logical that there is a huge amount of attention for WordPress, also from the hacker’s world.

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Blog Defender 2018 Review
Blog Defender 2018 Review

In addition, WordPress is extremely accessible; almost everyone can easily set up a website with WordPress. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do that in the right way . According to experts’ estimates, about 70 percent of all WordPress installations are therefore vulnerable.  So, here comes to your rescue is the Blog Defender 2018, which is a collection of premium plugins that helps you quickly lock down your WordPress website and protects you from ninety nine percent hacks, so please continue to read this full Blog Defender 2018 Review, you will get a clear idea.

Why would they hack my website?

I only have a few visitors a day. “Why would they hack your website if you only have a few visitors a day? This is a question that customers often ask me. However, most hackers are not looking for websites with a lot of traffic. They use your website to email SPAM through your server, which makes no difference whether your website has a lot or little traffic.

Blog Defender 2018 Review
Blog Defender 2018 Review

This is a good reason to properly secure your WordPress website. If SPAM is sent from your server, it may be that (for example) Google puts the IP address of your server on a “blacklist”. As a result, your “normal” newsletters and / or e-mails will also end up in the SPAM box. The idea that your website will not be hacked because you have a small-scale website is incorrect.

This is the reason you need to get Blog Defender 2018.  You also get more than 22 easy to follow and step-by-step video tutorials. In this Blog Defender 2018 Review, showing you exactly how to do everything from checking your plugins and themes, to automate remote backups and even how to clean your blog if it has been infected by some nasty thing.

To Protect WordPress Site : what can I do against hackers?

We now know how most hacks come about. But how do we ensure that this does not happen on our WordPress website (s)? In this article I put a number of useful tips at a glance. Most techniques are easy to implement, but they make a world of difference. It will probably not take you more than an hour to apply these techniques to your website.

Blog Defender 2018 Review
Blog Defender 2018 Review

While installing WordPress you can do a lot to prevent your WordPress website from becoming vulnerable to hackers. For example, you choose a username for the Admin user (the administrator with all rights) during installation. By default, this username is “admin”. Hackers also know this, and no less than 60 percent of WordPress websites have a user called “admin”. They then have your username, and only have to guess your password! Make sure your username is not “admin”!

You also choose a strong password during the installation. A strong password contains not only letters, but also numbers and special characters.

Blog Defender 2018 Review
Blog Defender 2018 Review

Limit login attempts to secure yourself from trying to login to your WordPress site from a remote location by hackers so that it gets locked after two or three attempts.

The guys behind Blog Defender 2018 have over 10 years of experience in managing hundreds of high traffic websites, sites that are often attacked, but no longer hacked after using their secret system. I hope in this Blog Defender 2018 Review I have explained enough to know the important of protecting your blogs from hackers to now to loose your hard work in just one day due to their ruthless attack.

Initial product of Blog Defender 2018  It is the actual security system and training to protect your sites

Up-sell 1 of Blog Defender 2018 is Cloud Defender Pro which comes with full developer rights

Up-sell 2 of Blog Defender 2018 is Wp Tool Kit Developer Limited Edition- It is a collection of premium WP Theme and Plugin Bundle


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I hope you enjoyed this Blog Defender 2018 review as much as I have pleasure in presenting the same to help you achieve success.


ViddyGenie Review

ViddyGenie Review

Revealed in My ViddyGenie Review How this Powerful  Software Makes Your Life Easy in Creating and Ranking Videos

You know that there are already so many video creation software are released now a days, in this ViddyGenie review I am going to show you whether this one is worth investing your time? and hard earned money.

If you want to concentrate on one methods consistently, video marketing is one of the best options to start with. An empty channel without any video will not work. So we need such videos that can be profitable to us, which can drive money to our account and also be helpful to the visitor.

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Though there are many such software are available, this one has caught my eye as it provides all in one solution to create video and marketing at the same time.

Viddygenie Review
Viddygenie Review

What is ViddyGenie?

It is a web based software that helps in both video creation and ranking videos created with it.  It creates short and simple videos, video for product reviews, videos for business intro, facebook cover video, quotes, jokes and many more.

ViddyGenie’s excellent video ranking feature make it very easy to dominate several first page search rankings and thus gets perpetual free traffic to your offers.  It offers more than 50 video templates and three hundred frames to create such videos.

It has the ability to upload video to youtube, video keyword estimation and keyword suggestion.  It is creates backlinks and social sharing to nearly 8  important sites but this option is only in the first upsell.

Viddygenie Review
Viddygenie Review

ViddyGenie Review – In detail

It has any kind of video templates to create short reviews video for many occasions as mentioned above.  You can even modify the given video templates and alter the frames within a template.

You can use the live video feature to go live on youtube for better rankings or download the videos, it has the ability to  syndicate these videos to six social media sites with click of a button.

Viddygenie Review
Viddygenie Review

Now the important part of marketing a video is the ability to rank a video,  it has features like suggestion of keywords, keyword estimation, competition analysis, creating backlinks to video to get desired rankings.

The last but most important feature of ViddyGenie is that it can create the most powerful link wheels or tired links for videos to increase video rankings.

ViddyGenie Demo:

How much ViddyGenie costs?

The main product cost only $27 and it contains the feature to create and upload videos, keyword estimation and keyword suggestions.  I frankly believe that this is not sufficient to market your video, so you needs to take up upsell-1 to actually rank you videos and get sales.

ViddyGenie Review – Upsells

Upsell 1 of ViddyGenie:  Access to all their YouTube and seo ranking tools.

Upsell 2 of ViddyGenie: Live video streaming feature in youtube.

Upsell 3 of ViddyGenie: Three agency licenses for FE, FE+upsell1 and FE+upsell1+upsell3.

Viddygenie Review
Viddygenie Review

ViddyGenie Review – Bonuses:

Viral Video Commissions:  A newbie friendly and three step system which reveals how you can easily make hundreds per day with other peoples’s videos.

500 Dollar Youtube Case Study:  Everything revealed to make up to 500 dollars per day with simple youtube videos

YouTube Traffic Loophole: In this report you will be knowing exactly how you can siphon laser targeted visitors by tapping into the power of YouTube.

Wp Sqeeze Question Plugin:   Create professional survey questionnaire to grab leads cleverly using the power of wordpress.

Wp Video Attention Plugin:  The best way to stop your visitors and instantly engage with your videos.

Wp Viral Click Plugin:  Automatically generate interesting content for your WordPress site from external web pages to engage the visitor and get traffic.

Youtube List Tornado: This course is all about how to get traffic from you tube to build your list.  How to do research to get to know your market and ultimately why this is so important.How to do keyword research to get traffic to your videos, a very important component of this whole thing.

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Thanks for reading my Viddygenie Review and I hope you will find it useful,  If you have any doubts you can contact me at click here!

Overall Score:

Tube Video Booster Review

Tube Video Booster Review

Welcome to my Tube Video Booster Review where I’ll show you how this secret method will boost your videos ranking on both YouTube and Google

I am going to present all the necessary details in this Tube Video Booster Review so that you will get a clear idea about the method. This is a very cool YouTube ranking method created by Johnny Thompson an SEO guy, web designer and video creator.  I am going to give a good bonus bundle to help achieve success with this, for details please see below.

What is Tube Video Booster?

This is one of a kind YouTube ranking methods that has never been taught before.  It has all the tips and tricks to rank your videos on the top of Google and YouTube at the same time.  This definitely adds a great value to what you already know about search engine optimization, youtube video optimization and ranking videos.  A while hat method that Google loves to give the required boost to the videos.

Tube Video Booster Review
Tube Video Booster Review

You will be literally watching how to gain ranking in a short time.  Once you go through all the video, the method can be easily implemented on your own within just 20 minutes of your time.

Who Is it For?

This is for everyone who is in the field of SEO, affiliate marketing, product creators, web developers.  This system uses hundred percent free techniques and they are even giving a software as a bonus.  They even teach very cheap ways to boost your video ranking for just one dollar.

Tube Video Booster Review – Synopsis

It is a 10 part video series which teaches white hat SEO methods and how to rank youtube videos on google. You will learn four different methods in this Tube Video Booster as given below to help achieve the desired results in your effort to rank videos on the first page of Google and YouTube. They are..

  • The Google Blaster Method
  • The Rocket Blaster Booster Method
  • The Count down method and
  • The Top Secret Super Spy Method
Tube Video Booster Review
Tube Video Booster Review

How much will it cost to get started with Tube Video Booster

The initial price of the product will be $27 to $37 when it is launched on 29th May.

Tube Video Booster Review – Upsells

Upsell 1: It will cost $27 and It is a Grey Hat SEO Techniques and actual services  Johnny uses to rank to Rank Videos, including case studies.

Upsell 2: It is Private FB Group access for $37  to join the Group. Members of FB group will be able to ask me questions, get new videos and updates.

Tube Video Booster – Bonuses:

Tube Video Booster Review
Tube Video Booster Review

visit official site

Thanks for reading my Tube Video Booster Review this long, I hope you liked it. Feel free to contact me if you have any question at you can contact me  click here

Ravi Panchakarla

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IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review

IM Emails Review
IM Emails Review

Welcome to my IM Emails review where you will get all the details needed to make right decision and how this product helps you in your online marketing endeavors

Kevin Fahey is a famous internet marketer and  teacher who created IM Emails,  the name of the course itself conveys what it is, however you might need a detailed review to know whether it is worth pursuing.  You would have already heard that money is in the list, yes that is right and online marketing is not just about creating a blog. If you are really serious about making money online you need to build a list and promote various offers to them, there it comes the present product to your rescue.

IM Emails Review
IM Emails Review

What is IM Emails?

It is a brand new course which consists of training videos and a software to search the database of 1100 emails with actual email content.  These are the same database of emails used by the creator to generated six figure income.

The power of an exceptionally targeted email based list is an incredible and extremely important asset to every affiliate marketer, and the more you focus on building a relationship with your list, the easier it will be to generate revenue from that subscriber base. People need to trust you and the recommendations that you make. They have to genuinely believe that you have their best interests at heart, especially if you plan on promoting high ticket items to them.  I have not created this IM Emails review just for the sake of promoting it, I am definitely going to buy it for myself and use it in my regular online business.

IM Emails Demo:

You also have to take care of your list and show them that you truly value them. You can do this by offering free, quality content and in sending out a good balance of FREE offers in between promotional based campaigns.
When creating your autoresponder messages that will be delivered to your prospects from the moment they subscribe to your list, you need to always pay attention to the actual subject lines that you use. Do your best to avoid generic subject lines, and instead focus on unique subjects for each email that relate to your niche topic.  Here you need right database of emails that IM Emails has in its arsenal.

Who need IM Emails?

No matter which niche you’re involved with, you need to build a list if you want any kind of lasting income streams. One-time sales are great, but once someone has bought through your affiliate link, they’re gone forever and you’ll need to attract new prospects.

IM Emails Review
IM Emails Review

With lists, you can increase the profitability of your entire campaign while minimizing the cost of customer acquisition. Since you can focus on promoting to the SAME target audience consistently, you will be able to minimize the costs of advertising, significantly!  Therefore IM Emails is the best option as it not only teaches how to do email marketing and also gives the actual set of successful emails to load into your autoresponder, but with the front end you will be getting only subject of these emails, you need to buy the upsell to get the email copy of all the eleven hundred subject lines which can be retrieved using the software they provide.

Also there is a good bonus which consists of 8 video training modules which reveals the best emails marketing strategies that help them make millions working online.

IM Emails Upsells

Upsell 1 

1100 subject lines built into the software with a one click to view any email. With these you can copy their exact success, not only modeling the subject line but the email copy that has generated thousands for them..

Upsell 2 

IM Funnels: This is one of their best products as it provides six completely done for your marketing funnels which consists of Squeeze pages, bonus reports, download pages, emails,and everything else you need to collect leads and making affiliate sales.

Upsell 3 

In this you will get 10 additional funnels which includes four months of followup emails.

Upsell 4 

This comes with re-seller rights for IM funnels products, that is a chance to get 100% commission on fourteen of their high converting funnels

Upsell 5

This is VIP training with an access to all of their product, software, plugins and training and monthly membership webinars.

Some of the up-sells are worth buying, personally I like the upsell 1  and 2 and I highly recommend as it makes your email marketing very easy.  I hope I have given enough details about the product in this IM Emails review, If you are already into email marketing it is worth giving it a try, if you are a newbie then you can learn about it with the help of training modules and become a six figure marketer.

IM Emails Review – Bonuses:

Bonus 1:   Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

IM Emails Review
IM Emails Review

Bonus 2: WP Squeeze Question Plugin

It is a clever way to generate leads and sales by putting simple questions to your visitors.

Bonus 3:  5 Day Fix

five day fix bonus

visit official site

Thanks for reading my review I hope you liked it!

…Ravi (about me?)

Overall score:

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Welcome to my Recurring Profit Machine V2 review where I’ll show you what this system is all about, what the upsells are and how this system helps you in bringing recurring affiliate commissions

In this Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review,  I am going to explain everything that is needed to help in making an informed decision. Mr. Khondoker,  who has created this system has vast experience as an online marketer for over 6 years.  Recurring Profit Machine V2 is the outcome of all the experience and effort he has put to succeed as a marketer.  It is not just a theory,  what is taught inside is a practical method which is bringing consistent affiliate commissions for him.

This method could be a turning point for not only the existing marketers who are struggling but also a game changer for newbies as well.

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review
Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

What is Recurring Profit Machine V2?

Recurring Profit Machine V2 is a step by step and complete training system, it is the same system that is banking $100 to $200 per day for just around 20 minutes of work.  It is a tried and tested method by Khondoker that guarantees recurring commission day in and day out whoever follows him along what he taught inside the course.

The best thing about this system is, it is an improved version of Recurring Profit Machine version-1 and it comes with two additional done for you funnels (i) DFY Solo profit funnel (ii) Internet marketing jump start funnel. You will get these funnels with complete set up instructions and also with fully functional and ready to go DFY setup when you purchase this course.

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review
Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

The key points of the training:

  • How to scale your income past hundreds per day without spending hours and hours or slaving at the computer.  Since it is a recurring income method you will work less and gain more from the efforts you put into the system.
  • How to get continuous flow of traffic to your offers and make passive commissions.
  • The automation tools or software needed to make your life easy without much effort, this makes more money even while you sleep or on vacation.
  • Don’t get intimidated by the technicality in implementing the system as it is completely done for you and everything is very easy to setup.
  • Even if you don’t have any prior online experience, one can easily start implementing the method in a day or two and try to get a $100 per day recurring income as fast as they can imagine.

As mentioned above, it is a different course when compared to all other training course out there as it comes with actual DFY funnel to implement the training as soon as possible.

I have seen many online marketing courses out there, but this one is a real gem as it is not leaving the buyer just teaching the method, it is giving all the tools required to actually implement the method. So action takers will surely get results.

Upsell 1 of Recurring Profit Machine V2

It contains wordpress version of done for your setup along with setup instructions.  It also comes with 9 free traffic methods and a case study to implement the traffic sources to drive traffic to the funnel.

Upsell 2 of Recurring Profit Machine V2

When you build a list you need to have pre written emails loaded into your autoresponder so that you can build trust and authority in the minds of your customer.  So, you are getting four groups of 49 ready made emails written especially in the IM niche which builds trust and sales on autopilot.  You will also get PLR rights to six of these in pdf version also to utilise them as your own and give away as free reports to your customers.

Upsell 3 of Recurring Profit Machine V2

A highly successful facebook ads method using video views to get targeted leads to your DFY funnel to make recurring commissions.  You will also get the exact video the author uses to get clear cut idea about the fb ad method.

What about bonus that help you bring even more success?


Bonus 1:   Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review
Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

There are tactics that have worked before with online marketing and is continuing to work in the online affiliate marketing world of today. With these top three marketing tips, you will be able to able to increase your sales and survive in the affiliate marketing online.

Bonus 2:  Finding the Best Affiliate Products to Promote

Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review
Recurring Profit Machine V2 Review

Where do you look for products to start promoting? Once you have the first question out of the way, the next one is to start looking around for products to promote. This is really not as easy as many people say it is and requires a lot of effort. There are not too many places where you can look for products and most of them are known.

Bonus 3:  14 Internet Marketing Emails

This perfectly compliments the upsell-2 of  Recurring Profit Machine V2 as you are getting additional set of emails.    This is superbly written and best collect of IM emails which you can use in your email marketing to promote various product and get more sales.

Bonus 4:  WP Swift Page Plugin

It instantly increases the speed of your wordpress site and reduces the bournse rate by maintaining the visitors to stay longer on your website.

Bonus 5: WP Squeeze Question Pluign

It cleverly grabs the visitor’s emails by asking simple questions there by increasing conversions and more leads to your marketing funnel and sales.

I hope I have given enough details in this Recurring Profit Machine Review to help you decide whether to go for it.

If you want to give it a try and grab my bonuses, you can get it through the official website here:

visit official site

Thank you so much for reading this long, I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any questions feel free to contract me at rkpanchakarla (at) or leave a comment below.


Overall score:

The Tube Funnel Review

The Tube Funnel Review

Welcome to The Tube Funnel Review to learn how to make daily commissions easily by sending targetted traffic from Youtube to a high converting funnel.

In The Tube Funnel Review, you will be learning what this product is all about created by Mark Wightley and Cheryl and how The Tube Funnel will benefit you in making some decent affiliate commissions to avoid 9 to 5 rat race.

The guy who created this method along with Cheryl is a full-time internet marketer and making a nice living online using the same system which is tried and tested but not a loophole or push button method as claimed by him.

The Tube Funnel Review
The Tube Funnel Review

What is The Tube Funnel?

Inside the member’s area, you will find a pdf module which shows 3 different methods of getting traffic from youtube.

  1. How to rank videos for a particular keyword.
  2. How to rank a relevant video to already popular and established videos, you can see that many videos on YouTube are getting thousands of views every day. Therefore an alternative to ranking videos is to legally steal their traffic.
  3. Finally how to create a high converting youtube video ads which get cheap clicks.
The Tube Funnel Review
The Tube Funnel Review

In the member’s are you will also find a checklist and mp3 audio to help you do the above tasks easily. It not only just teaches you how to get traffic but also shows how to create a funnel that converts well and brings a lot of subscribers and sales.

They are also giving access to their private Facebook group to help you in case there is any problem in implementing the methods given in the modules.

The Tube Funnel Review
The Tube Funnel Review

The product is going live at 9 AM EST on 11th May, so whoever acts fast they can get the offer at the lowest price.

Recently it has become hard for the marketers to get traffic without spending money on paid traffic methods.  Here Youtube comes to your rescue.  Once you know the method on how to rank a youtube video for a low to the medium competitive keyword, the same can be repeated for every video you create which brings organic traffic for years to come.

The Tube Funnel Review
The Tube Funnel Review

I hope The Tube Funnel Review will be helpful in making a decision. My sincere advice is that whatever the products you buy or invest your hard earned money,  please do take action and try to implement what you have learned on a consistent basis to see results and achieve success.

Upsell 1 of The Tube Funnel contains video modules which explain the whole system, two additional traffic methods, and advanced email marketing training

Upsell 2 of The Tube Funnel contains  Done for You copy paste campaigns, landing pages, thank you page and a full set up training videos and a one hour one to one strategy session and more.

Downsell of The Tube Funnel it includes only 4 copy paste campaigns and full setup training videos and advanced training on increasing deliverability and profits.



Youtube Channel for Dummies:  Why youtube and Video marketing, how to create a youtube channel, how to create channel art and how to optimize youtube video revealed in this course.

Youtube Ads Excellence:  Learn how to create youtube ads, creating your first campaign, advanced techniques and more.

Wp Easy Optin Plugin:  An easy way to create a squeeze page and an upsell to your blog

Tubrr training:  How to use the youtube video to promote various CPA and affiliate offers and earn passive income while you sleep.

Wp Video Attention Plugin:  This displays the video to any corner of the blog page and the visitor will be able to see the video while scrolling down the page which brings out more attention to the video.

Tube CPA Loophole:   The easiest way to make CPA commission with simple youtube videos, choosing right offers, keyword research and the best way to create videos etc.,

Wp Squeeze Question:  The very useful plugin that generates leads by asking simple questions to visitors,  as it interacts with visitors cleverly the chances of converting a visitor into subscriber is more.

Click HERE To Get The Tube Funnel Together With All the Bonuses Above That Help You Enhance Your Marketing Efforts!

Have a wonderful day,

Ravi (Any questions? Contact me here!)

Overall score:

Welcome to Online Marketing World

Hey guys,

Ravi Kiran here and Welcome to, I don’t want to waste a lot of your time telling you about who I am and what I do. Here is a very short intro of mine… I am a 36 year old guy from India, a full-time internet marketer.  I am an expert in creating valuable content for enthusiastic online marketers. I also like to do a bit of CPA,  Facebook marketing  in my free time.

There are a lot of common mistakes people make when they’re getting started in internet marketing. I’m obviously not going to try and cover them all in this post, but I want to go over the ones that cost people the most time, and therefore money.

Looking For That One “Best” Technique. This is a common fallacy that people use whether consciously or
subconsciously to never actually get started doing work on anything. They keep thinking that there is something magical that they’re going to find out about that will change things for them.

This question gets asked in some form every few days on the warrior forum. The thread will be something like, “If you had to start over tomorrow, what would you do?” This question means that people assume there is one thing or technique that if they just knew about, they would start to make money.

If you’re not making consistent money online yet, there is a 100% chance that your problem is that you haven’t taken enough action yet. To remedy this, here is exactly what you need to do: You need to block out four hours to come up with a SIMPLE plan. The other part is, you will only do this planning session ONE time, until you’re making $1,000 a month online. You’ll break your plan down into AT MOST, 3-4 parts, and you will not deviate from this simple plan, until you are making $1,000 a month from it.

Here is an example plan:

Everyday, no matter what, I will do 1 hour of forum marketing in my niche, 1 hour of blog commenting in my niche, and I will write one high quality article that I will post on my blog, as well as submit to Ezine Articles. On the weekends or days when I have time to do more than what I listed above, I will work on tweaking affiliate offers, my squeeze page, my conversions, etc, etc.

It’s simple, it’s not sexy, and those are activities that you no doubt already know how to do. The ironic thing is that literally anyone would succeed eventually if they only did those three or four activities every single day without fail, but… people tend to sabotage themselves and avoid doing things that work for some reason. And, yes… this brings me to my final point:

Look… there are really only 3 things you need to know how to do to have a successful online business:

1: Create great content. This includes everything from articles, videos, blogging, to creating your own products.       Products are just premium content.

2: Get traffic to your great content: This is stuff like SEO, article marketing, building lists, and video marketing… anything that brings traffic to your great content.

3: Monetize your traffic. This is stuff like conversion funnels, increasing conversion rates, up sells, increasing click-thru rates, cross sells, etc… stuff that actually makes you money.

Everything else is just a sub-topic of one of these 3 things. But, what are the best-selling IM products?? “The Secret Technique That Will Change Your Life Overnight” People are spending money on quick-fix techniques that DON’T work, instead of investing time and money in developing actual skills. Listen, even if a guru reveals exactly how he is making thousands per day, if you don’t know how to produce persuasive content, you still won’t be able to replicate what he’s doing. Every successful technique or strategy still requires certain skills for it to work right.

So, how do you acquire these skills? First, refer to the previous step, and make a plan of of 3-4 activities that you will start doing everyday. If you work your plan everyday until it’s making $1,000 per month, you will have become fairly proficient at those 3-4 activities. Then, and only then, should you add another activity or skill to what you’re already doing. At that point, each skill becomes easier and faster to learn, and that’ when your internet income will really take off.